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How Does Skylar’s Run And The EEG Headset Work?


Introducing Skylar’s Run – the revolutionary video game that enhances children’s cognitive abilities, including attention, impulse control, and self-regulation. By integrating an electroencephalographic (EEG) headset, Skylar’s Run measures and adapts to the child’s attention levels, directly influencing the game’s outcome. 


Why A Video Game

Video games are a powerful medium of learning because children most naturally learn through play. They are fun and intrinsically motivate the child to excel and master new skills without external pressure or the need for external rewards. Video games also challenge the player just above their ability level in real time which promotes interest and continued playing of the game while decreasing the likelihood of the frustration that occurs in more traditional learning environments.

Transfer To The Real World

By utilizing attention, impulse control, and self-regulation skills, players assist Skylar in making rapid decisions, filtering out distractions, and staying focused on the assigned task to propel the runner forward. Moreover, players have the chance to apply these acquired skills to a distinct environment within a simulated laboratory setting. The valuable skills cultivated through the game can be easily transferred to real-life situations, including paying attention in class, concentrating on homework, or resisting the temptation to engage in conflicts with friends.


Using dynamic modeling, the Skylar’s Run’s difficulty adjusts based on the child’s ability to focus, making it a personalized level of challenge. The real-time feedback enables the game to meet your child at their current level, offering a challenge that is engaging without becoming overly difficult and discouraging them from playing. This analysis goes beyond a simple evaluation and provides you with a deeper understanding of your child’s attention levels through individualized mission specific user reports after each completed session, enabling you to make informed decisions about their well-being while also measuring their progress.


Unleashing the power of focus

With our cutting-edge technology, we monitor your child’s attention level in real-time, measuring it every 1/10th of a minute. This data guides Skylar, our avatar, through thrilling adventures. The longer your child remains focused and actively engages in our stimulating activities during each challenge, the more they strengthen the 13 essential cognitive skills crucial for success in school, home, and social settings. 

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